Going around with my server

Funny how the dropbox makes life easy for me, now i can access my information, anywhere anytime without having to carry about any form of storage device, all i have to do any to log in with the help of any internet enabled device and am in,though the popularity of the dropbox is growing few people know about it, if you don’t then now you know the drop box is the smart way to carry data around.


is cloud computing taking IT jobs away


Cloud computing is not just changing the way business is done, it is also changing the role of IT personnel , so cloud computing is not actually taking the job off IT personnel  but instead giving them more responsibilities.


The impact of cloud computing on your workforce.


Off to the cloud? a few tips for small organisation off to cloud era

When organisations decide to take their IT operations to the cloud there are a few considerations that can make the transit easy and these include:

Evaluating the business needs of the organisation: The organisation needs to evaluate their business requirement and what they hope to gain for such move.

Which applications are good candidate for the cloud: organisations need to understand that not all data are meant for the cloud, in the data in question is a high security risk data then obviously such a company can either opt for private cloud setting or decide to keep such data in house.

Organisations need to understand properly what they have on the terms of agreement with their choosing cloud service provider, so they know what is in store for them.


The impact of cloud computing on your workforce. Cloud

Webinar on cloud computing

I found the webinar very interesting, the first speaker talks about why not all data  are good candidate for the cloud, he talks about the criteria’s of compatibility and virtualization when choosing which of our data should be meant for the cloud, he also described the two form of data movement in public cloud to be the “movement of data from the cloud to an on premise application” and “movement of data from the cloud to an on premise application”, he also talked about importance of considering if the data being uploaded into the cloud is safer managed on the traditional method of managing data or in the cloud, he further talked about disaster recovery and compliance issue, he also talked about service agreement with cloud service providers and criteria for choosing one, lastly he commented  on how legacy systems would become less important as the business drift toward total implementation of cloud computing with recommendation that businesses procure cloud specific and oriented tools.

I also found the presentation of the second presenter also very interesting cause he talked about how cloud computing is changing the whole landscape, by changing the way and how things are to be done, he talked about how cloud computing is changing the role of the IT professionals with the opportunity that comes with it and why businesses must begin to executing or evaluating a cloud plan right way as he believes this is the way and how business is being done today and would remain like that for a long time to come.

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Why SMEs must go to the cloud

As cloud computing continues to impact the way and manner business organizations manage their information systems here are some reasons why SMEs should adopt cloud computing.

Reduce the cost of IT: cloud computing helps businesses reduce the amount spent on procuring and maintaining IT resources, an adoption of cloud computing would help release resources that can be channeled to more pressing areas of business where it is required.

Mobility: as the bring your own device(BYOD) culture continue to be on the rise and give about a need  for collaborative working and all time and anywhere data availability; businesses would be looking for platforms that can help make this happen and cloud computing is a perfect candidate for that.

Innovation: by freeing up scarce resources small businesses can focus on new areas of business development and as such allowing for growth and expansion.



Standing with the big boys in the cloud, no Capex.

When new technologies make their debut into the market they tend the change the business landscape coming with them a lot of opportunities both for end users and service providers, but most  SMEs today are still unable to take advantage of  these opportunities largely because of the high Capex associated with deploying  such  technologies but SMEs can turn to technologies like cloud computing to help manage this problem, Cloud computing allows you access to a wide range of IT resources on the platform of a cloud service provider for a fee without you having to procure them and as such small and medium enterprises can also have access to current and capital intensive infrastructure like the big organisations and as such allowing them compete effectively.




cloud computing go chocolate

funny how cloud computing can fit into any business, irrespective of size or form, not even Charlie’s small chocolate factory was spared, this video shows how much cloud computing can impact on small business by driving down their IT cost and as such allowing them to channel scarce resources to other vital areas of their business with the wind fall from their IT  cost which is a good idea.