Defining the rules with information architecture (IA)

As the business landscape continues to be knowledge based driven the need to put in place well defined rules how the various information from different sources are structured is necessary, in today’s business world where the volume, sources of information and users expectation for greater content control and flexibility seem to be on a constant increase product catalogue is no longer an option as such the need for modern information architecture (IA) based tools like information architecture 2.0 (oracle, 2012)



How collaboration through knowledgement sharing can be of help in times like this

With the economic recession still biting hard, the need for collaboration among business organisations in same line is of essence, it is believed that if the benefits and value of such collaboration are well understood by all parties involved the various parties involved then they will be motivated to meeting the objectives of such collaboration and this in-turn would lead to the production of better business solution, with a good knowledge management platforms in place business organisations could create, transfer and apply knowledge acquired from such collaborations for better achieving operational or organisation’s objectives (Oracle, 2010).

With a good knowledge management system in place businesses can reduce cost of doing research for better business solutions as by knowledge sharing the various project teams can avoid the problem of ‘reinventing the wheel’ and accessing knowledge from findings of other teams whether in same or different organisations that have or still working on same project, this way both time and money resources are well utilised as such allowing for potential to expand, increase value, and improve business solutions (Gundry, J. & Metes, G., 1996).


Why knowledge based system is not an option for SMEs

As the business world continues to globalise and the push for productivity improvement endures, it has become imperative for SMEs to put in place faster, better and standardised procedures to help deal with the changing needs of their customers which is shaped by a continuously changing stream of integrated technologies, ideas and ways of doing business; the need for businesses to put in place knowledge based systems to help run their operations is no longer an option but required if the business is to compete favourable in an ever competitive and changing business landscape.


Going around with my server

Funny how the dropbox makes life easy for me, now i can access my information, anywhere anytime without having to carry about any form of storage device, all i have to do any to log in with the help of any internet enabled device and am in,though the popularity of the dropbox is growing few people know about it, if you don’t then now you know the drop box is the smart way to carry data around.