webinar, Disruptive technologies

I found the webinar very interesting it was actually an eye opener for me, I have never really being able to get the correlation between IT budget and energy expended by an organisation until now this webinar has showed  me how these two issues are important consideration for a business organisation, to consider that the amount of energy our IT components expend has a direct implication on the IT budget of the organisation only sounds logical to me now, the presenter also went on to recommend some actions which business organisation could take to help out this I find very helpful, am sure they are a whole lot of business organisation who still don’t know the cost implication of energy on their business.

I found the presentation on staff skills required in work place very informative, in today’s business world employers of labour are not just looking for people with IT skills but people with a mix of both, people who can reason critically and solve problems, he went ahead to discuss some of these skills which could be laced with IT to include knowledge of business and project management which I must say I agree with him.

Raymond Paquet talked about how powerful tools like social media are and how business organisations could tap into these platforms for their benefits, his talk on open source collaboration sure drives home the point, his analysis on crowd sourcing was eye opening it  showed crowd sourcing from social networks to be a very important input strategy which business organisation could use to know what customers want and at the same time making customers a part of the whole IT process which I feel is very important in a competing world like ours today.

I found his advice on how business organisation should handle disruptive technologies like cloud sourcing, software migration and others very practical and insightful, I feel dealing with disruptive technology is as important to a business as setting it up as they can determine how long a business could remain at the top or being relevant to its customers.

With reasons above I find the webinar very insightful, informative and a big help for any business organisation and would as such recommend it.




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