twitter as a business tool

When Jack Dorsey came up with  the twitter notion  very few social network users had an impression what influence this 140 character maximum text based tool would have on their world; but just like any other good social networking tool it has made its mark, one aspect of the world it has changed immensely is the business world, like another disruptive technology business organizations have being forced to change their mode of operation to embrace this influential tool, in recent years we have  seen twitter move from the  standing of just another social network site to a platform of over 100 million active users posting over 340 million twits daily, sure this is a good platform for every business to be on whether for advertising of services, information gathering and other numerous activities.

The twin quality of simplicity and adaptability of twitter on the mobile phone platform has even made it even more appealing as a business tool, business organization can now communicate with both customers and employee easily like never before, with effective communication being a vital factor for the success of any  organization, with Twitter business organizations can understand and plan based on the desire of their target market , Just by following twits of young girls in a particular state, fashion brands can be able to determine the next big idea these girls can be toying with when it comes to fashion. In the world of business feedback mechanism is very important as it helps organizations make an evaluation of situations and what next is to be done and this of course twitter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            with, with twitter business organizations and their employee who are the same field can now be in some form of conference twitting about a specific idea or method of giving better services to customers as such allowing for resource sharing which in turn gives room for improvement, another fallout of this is that people get to make new connection which is really critical for business. With twitter one should be able to create an identity with brand building being essential for a business organization if you tweet often enough your followers will start to associate you with a particular area of expertise which in turn is a big plus for the business. It is a general believe that the more people you tweet, the more people get to know the business and the services it offers which is what every business organization desires though this is possible when you begin to trace a specific pattern around your followers.

But the story is not all so “bright and rosy”, twitter just like every other technology of its kind has got its own draw backs, the return on investment for technologies like twitter is always hard to quantify, a whole lot of technique and constant upgrade of knowledge is required to maintain constant presence online, unlike the normal traditional mode of doing business twitter requires  for commitment of resources for responding to feedbacks, production of new contents and good amount of resources to manage social media presence.

As stakeholders continue to look for easier and convenient platforms to do business and e-commerce continuing to push new frontiers we can be sure to continue to see more tools like twitter being rolled into the market, business owners would have to make a fundamental change from their old ways of doing business to embrace technologies like twitter,  twitter sure comes with its own draw backs as earlier stated but it’s good qualities of adaptation, accessibility, availability, ability to be used as a “target oriented” tool and  allowing for instant feed- back which is a critical factor in business decision  but above all the fact that twitter can fit into any form of business put on the top, the fact that twitter can give can bring your service close to a target market, allow you gather information from both already and potential customers, its ability to  fit into any form  business and helps give your brand awareness makes twitter a must tool for every business that hopes and  likes to get to the next level.



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